About Landscape Locations

International Photo Tours & Workshops

Landscape Locations is a UK-based photo tour and workshop company founded by professional photographer Melvin Nicholson, who has many years of experience running international workshops in a number of great locations around the world.

Taking you to the best landscape locations around the world

We are experts at organizing exceptional photo tours and workshops set in some of the world’s most captivating locations. Meticulously researched, our destinations guarantee breathtaking photo opportunities, and our knowledgeable guides have a superb working knowledge of the places they will be taking you to.

We take great care in selecting the perfect locations for our photo tours, and craft flexible itineraries to ensure every participant captures a diverse array of beautiful scenery while learning valuable new photography skills along the way.

All our photography tours are fully inclusive with quality, comfortable accommodation and transport as standard.

Experienced Guides & Tutors

Our team of photography guides & tutors comprises expert photographers who are not only highly skilled but also possess extensive experience in their respective photographic genres.

We recognise the unique needs of each individual, and our goal is to ensure that every participant gets the most out of their time on our tours. Whether you just want to be taken to the best locations at the right time, or also want to learn new specific skills, we will work hard to make that happen.