Yorkshire Dales Photography Workshops & Tours

Photograph rolling meadows and beautiful limestone features

The Yorkshire Dales, located in Northern England, offers a surprisingly diverse range of landscapes and subjects for landscape photography. The many rolling hills and lush valleys provide stunning panoramic views, as well as some of the most remarkable limestone landscapes in the UK. Each valley, known as a ‘dale,’ possesses a unique character, framed by expansive heather-covered moorland summits. Amidst this terrain, stone-built villages harmonize with traditional farming scenes featuring field barns, drystone walls, and meadows adorned with vibrant wildflowers. If this isn’t enough, you’ll also find spectacular waterfalls and ancient broadleaved woodlands.

Reasons to join our Yorkshire Dales photography Workshop

Scenic Landscapes

The lovely rolling hills and valleys offer quintessential English scenes to photograph. 

The Dales look fabulous throughout the year. Seasonal changes offer scenes of vibrant spring wildflowers, summer greenery, and stunning autumn colours.

Muker, Yorkshire Dales photography workshops
Gordale Scar, Yorkshire Dales photography workshops, UK.

Limestone Hills

Capture the rugged beauty of the limestone hills and formations, such as Malham Cove and Gordale Scar.


The Yorkshire Dales is home to several impressive viaducts that add to the region’s charm and architectural heritage. The most impressive are the Ribblehead and Dent Head Viaducts.

Viaducts make wonderful subjects to photograph when the sun is perfectly positioned behind us to illuminate the arches and the surrounding scenery.

The Ribble Viaduct, Yorkshire Dales, UK.
Gunnerside, Yorkshire Dales photography workshops

Dry Stone Walls

The traditional dry stone walls crisscrossing the vivid green fields and connecting the many farmhouses can add a lovely texture and character to your photographs.

Limestone pavements

The Yorkshire Dales National Park is a true world of limestone.

Photograph the beauty of the limestone pavements as they stretch out for miles, like the one atop Malham Cove, featuring clints (slabs) and grykes (cracks) between them.

Malham Tree, Yorkshire Dales photography workshops, UK.
Cauldron Falls, West Burton, Yorkshire Dales


The regions also features an array of superb waterfalls to photograph such as the stunning Cauldron Falls of West Burton in Wensleydale, where a picturesque waterfall drops down into a gorgeous plunge pool that was once painted by Turner during his wander around the Dales.

This location will allow you several opportunities to capture some wonderful compositions. 

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Available dates

2nd June 2024
Workshop Leader: Alistair How

Tour details

Group Size

Max 6


One day & multi day


Dent Viaduct
Norber Erratics
Lone Tree, Ribblehead
Ribblehead Viaduct
Malham Tree
Janet’s Foss Waterfall
Gordale Scar
Winskill Stones Nature Reserve
Malham Tarn
Cauldron Falls
Aysgarth Falls


Transport between workshop locations

Professional photography tuition from two tutors

Free return transport from Preston to Yorkshire if desired

Aysgarth Falls, Yorkshire Dales

All Yorkshire Dales photography workshop dates

One Day Yorkshire Dales – June 2024

2nd June 2024
Workshop Leader: Alistair How