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Photograph England's stunning northeast coast

Stretching from Berwick-upon-Tweed in the north to the River Coquet estuary in the south, the Northumberland coast has a stunning variety of coastal landscapes and fascinating subjects just waiting to be photographed. It’s home to majestic castles amid spectacular rock formations dating back to the carboniferous age some 350 million years ago. Stunning, pristine golden sandy beaches and sand dunes all provide wonderful opportunities to capture something rather special on camera. 

Reasons to join our Northumberland photography tour

40 Miles Of Stunning Coast

Situated in the northeast of England, the Northumberland coast represents everything that is beautiful about the British coastline.

This incredibly diverse landscape offers a range of photography opportunities, from stunning coastal landscapes, seascapes and historic castles to charming villages and unique rock formations.

The Powder House, Seahouses, Northumberland
The Powder House, Seahouses, Northumberland
Bamburgh Castle, Bamburgh, Northumberland
Bamburgh Castle, Bamburgh, Northumberland

Castles and rocks

Northumberland boasts over 70 castles, the highest number of all the English counties.

The castles of Bamburgh, Lindisfarne and Dunstanburgh appeal most to photographers. Lindisfarne Castle sits on a towering outcrop of basalt rock, while Dunstanburgh Castle sits high up on a grassy cliff edge while flanked by the super slippery, smooth black boulders on Embleton Beach below. 

Stunning sunrises

Naturally, being situated in the east coast, this is a great place for capturing the sunrise. You can capture it rising beside the Farne using a long lens

Additionally, the colourful sky that reflects in the remains of an outgoing tide on Bamburgh Beach is pure magic.


Sunrise, Farne Islands, Bamburgh, Northumberland
Sunrise, Farne Islands, Bamburgh, Northumberland
Northumberland coast
Northumberland coast

Rocky beaches

The Northumberland coast boasts beautiful sandy beaches, rocky shorelines, and dramatic cliffs. These elements create a dynamic range of seascapes perfect for capturing the interplay of light and water.

It’s an ideal location for long exposures. Slowing down the shutter speed to thirty seconds or more has moving water look all misty, and ethereal, therefore creating more simplistic, and calmer looking images. 

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Available dates

22nd - 24th Oct 2024
Workshop Leader: Alistair How

Tour details

Group Size

Max 7


3 days / 2 nights


Cullernose Point
Dunstanburgh Castle
Embleton Bay
Holy Island
Lindisfarne Castle


Two nights Super King Size room in a five bedroom home in Spindlestone, near Bamburgh

Dedicated 1-2-1 photography tuition 

Transport between workshop locations

All Northumberland photography tour dates

Northumberland – October 2024

22nd - 24th Oct 2024
Workshop Leader: Alistair How