Meet our photography guides and tutors

Melvin Nicholson

Melvin Nicholson is the founder of Landscape Locations and a UK based professional photographer.

Melvin has been a full time photographer since 2014 and has been running photography workshops, tours and courses both in the UK and internationally since he started out.

In Melvin’s own words “I love what I do because it allows me to indulge in the very thing that fulfils my life beyond imagination. And I feel lucky to be able to share my passion, enthusiasm and knowledge with others.”

Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson is a UK based landscape and nature photographer who is deeply passionate about capturing the beauty of the natural world through his lens.

With years of experience and dedication to his craft and creativity, he has developed a unique style that combines technical expertise with artistic vision. Whether it be capturing the grandeur of landscapes or the intricacies of our natural world, he strives to convey the essence and spirit of each scene photographed.

His journey as a photographer has taken him to many breathtaking locations across the UK and overseas allowing him to witness and document the diverse landscapes and natural beauty that make our world so remarkable.

Dave is excited to be a part of the Landscape Locations team where he is keen to share his passion and knowledge, nurturing and supporting our clients with the development of their photography skills whilst aligning their experience to meet their individual requirements and aspirations.

Francis Ansing

Francis is a very experienced, full time landscape photographer and tour guide and is based in the Philippines. He started his journey in photography back in 2009 when he first purchased a DSLR.

Francis recently lived in Japan for five years which makes him the perfect choice to lead our Japan photo tours. Francis also runs tours in the Philippines, Indonesia, Slovenia, Italy, Norway and Iceland.

Chris Frost

As a relative latecomer to the world of photography, Chris’s eyes were initially opened to the captivating world of photography whilst honeymooning in Japan, before later stumbling into landscape photography in 2012 – a genre he instantly fell in love with, appreciating not only its beauty, drama, and variety but the many challenges it presents.  His initial passion for capturing wild and rugged seascapes was driven from a lifetime living just a stone’s throw from Dorset’s stunning Jurassic coastline but over recent years, this yearning for raging storm seas has been contrasted and balanced by the quiet calling of Dorset’s hidden woodlands.  

Chris specialises in atmospheric images of the South West’s ever-changing coastline and intimate treescape scenes of mother nature at her finest, combining floral displays, spectacular conditions and grand woodlands, His unique imagery was recognised in 2020, winning the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year award and placing runner-up in the Wildflowers category of the International Garden Photographer of the Year.

James Kelly

James Kelly lives and breathes photography.

The Scottish countryside, where he spent his childhood playing, provided him with a profound connection to Scotland’s ever-shifting and untamed weather. This environment also instilled a deep appreciation for nature’s elements and a profound respect for the land. The landscape taught him patience, as he would often wait for hours, seeking the perfect shot. He would go to great lengths to capture images, whether braving the freezing sleet or basking in the brilliant sunlight, traversing coastal cliffs or ascending rugged mountain ranges.

However, James also has a second home – the Faroe Islands. Although not as native as his Scottish roots, he holds an equally strong connection to the Faroe Islands as his partner is Faroese. James has been lucky enough to get to know the islands through a local’s eyes and experience first-hand the photographer’s paradise they present.

Sam Scicluna

Sam was born and raised on the island of Malta, where his love for beautiful seascapes began. He has always enjoyed being outdoors and surrounded by nature. Growing up on an island, has meant that he always had a special bond with the sea, this led to seascapes being a natural comfort zone and starting point in photography.

Since there are no mountains in Malta, He found himself longing to travel more and more to see the ethereal vistas and majestic mountains. In 2016 he travelled to Iceland for the first time, realising a dream and further affirming his passion for landscape photography.

Travel has given Sam the perfect opportunity to learn new techniques and skills. He has always been amazed by the night sky, and going camping often led him to experiment with astrophotography and shooting the night sky. Sam also loves taking time out to appreciate the world around and to assist others in helping them experience the same with their camera.

Danny Kenealy

Daniel Kenealy is a landscape photographer based in North Wales. Prior to getting into landscape photography back in 2016, his speciality was astrophotography via telescopes at his home-based observatory. This all changed though in 2015 after setting himself a challenge to climb Yr Wyddfa (Mt. Snowdon).

What Danny witnessed that morning had a monumental impact on the way he viewed the landscape. He was treated to perfect golden light, flooding across the face of the Snowdon horseshoe. Never before had he witnessed anything quite like it, and that view became imprinted in his memory.

In 2023, he and his family took a huge leap, and decided to move to North Wales to be closer to the type of scenery that inspires him. North Wales has been a huge influence on his work, not only for its glorious dark sky locations but also its sharply pointed mountains and changeable weather; this area is a landscape photographer’s paradise and Danny is truly in his element there.

Alistair How

Alistair has had a lifelong interest in photography and the outdoors, starting his career at Kodak after studying Geography at Southampton University.

After many years taking personal and family photos he returned to more serious photography a few years ago when he had more available time. He also gained his Licentiate distinction with the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS) in September 2022 and became president of Harrogate Photographic Society for the 2023/24 season. 

His work has been featured by various organisations including the Yorkshire Photographic Union and publications in Outdoor Magazine and the Royal Photographic Society (RPS). 

Being based in North Yorkshire Alistair has some of the UK’s best landscape locations on his doorstep and takes full advantage of this by being out and about in all seasons and weather. Alistair enjoys sharing his passion for photography and there is no bigger reward than seeing another photographer enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer.

Mal Crawford

North West, UK based Mal’s interest in photography began at art college in his early 20’s, with landscapes becoming his speciality, a genre that still inspires him today. Armed with a Minolta 35mm SLR film camera and a couple of lenses, Mal spent several years learning his craft.

Mal started using Sony cameras around 2007, starting with an a300 DSLR but these days now shoots with Sony mirrorless equipment. 

Mal’s interest in landscape photography lies more in capturing the artistic essence of a place rather than standard picture postcard scenes. This allows him to often see a different side to locations which compliments those who he instructs. 

Mal has assisted photography workshop tour guides on workshops and tours for some time now and is more than happy to pass on his knowledge, experience and skillset with others.